Ready to start a healthy lifestyle?

I’m Rebs Garcia, a wife and mom of 4 who decided I needed to change and started my own Healthy Lifestyle journey a few years ago.  In the process, I’ve lost 100 lbs and overcome my lifelong battle with obesity.  I don’t just love how the new me looks but more importantly – how I feel!  Knowing first hand how hard it can be to lose weight and get healthy has giving me a desire to help others on their journey to become healthy.

A Healthy Lifestyle is not about a program with pre-packaged food, shakes or pills.  You don’t have to buy expensive DVDs or do workouts daily.  HEALTH IS NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL DIET! Don’t get me wrong, those work for some people but most results don’t last unfortunately.

Becoming healthy means developing Healthy Habits that will LAST A LIFETIME.

Healthy Living is about eating well, being active and your attitude and behaviors.  For me, its Real. Life. Health, which means creating healthy attitudes and habits that work for you, your family and your lifestyle.  Rather than one specific plan that is supposed to work for everyone there are many different ways to live a Healthy Life.  I passionately believe that you can have balance, enjoy food, holidays, family traditions AND be Healthy.

If you need to lose weight (like most Americans) a Healthy Lifestyle can help you reach your goals!  I’m living proof of what eating real food, exercising and changing your attitudes can do for you!  But unlike a diet program, it is not a quick fix – it won’t happen overnight and it will take effort.  Don’t worry though, the results are worth it.  You must choose, commit and repeat.  The good news is that as you create these habits it becomes part of your life, instead of a restrictive diet you can’t wait to get finish!

Your challenges don’t have to limit you, I know this first hand.  First you have to see them as challenges to adapt to,  rather than excuses to stay in your current not so healthy routine.  I had a nice long list of excuses why I couldn’t lose weight – Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Asthma, 3 little children, 3 c-sections in 3 years, a hernia, limited income, busy life etc. etc. Sound familiar???

Start replacing the reasons for why you can’t do it with the reasons that you SHOULD! 

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